Mesh 3.2: LPN GET and receiving STATUS

Based on the experimental_lpn example if have ported at application (light switch) to work as a low power node.

Everything work fine on the lpn node where i use the generic_onoff_client to send button on/off to a server node.

I now want to 'request' the generic_onoff_server status issuing a GET from the client. This is also received on the server and a STATUS published.

Both server and client have been setup to use same app-key and group address on publish/subscribe.

To help me verifying what is send/received, i have added debug-print (__LOG) in app_mesh_core_event_cb()  on NRF_MESH_EVT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED and NRF_MESH_EVT_TX_COMPLETE.

I using the light_switch_server example as server and have verified that the light_switch_client example works fine receiving STATUS, but not the exprimental_lpn 

Are there any restriction in the experimental_lpn that prevent me from receiving STATUS ?