Potential bug in nrf_cli.c (SDK 15.3.0)

I am trying to light-switch test different features in my app to see if I can save some memory, and I found that the examples\peripheral\cli example won't compile if I turn off NRF_CLI_HISTORY_ENABLED

To get it to work correctly (I think) I had to add the preprocessor gating on the call to history_mode_exit() in file components\libraries\cli\nrf_cli.c, around line 1994:


Does this look like the right way to solve the issue?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for reporting the issue of linker error when disabling CLI history mode. It is highly appreciated! I have reproduced and filed an internal issue report.

    Your proposed way of solving the issue is in line with how the CLI history module is handled throughout the rest of the file.