Segger JLink to access external SPI NOR flash on pca10056


is it possible to read/write the MX25R6435F external SPI NOR flash using Indirect Mode ( with Segger JLink?

Currently I am getting 

- Start of determining flash info (Bank 1 @ 0x00000000)
- ERROR: Could not find CFI compliant flash device
- ERROR: Error while determining flash info (Bank 1 @ 0x00000000)
- ERROR: Failed to read back target memory
Disconnecting ...
- J-Link: Flash download: Bank 0 @ 0x00000000: Skipped. Contents already match
- Disconnected

According to parallel CFI NOR flash should be supported:

Name Core Supported flash types Notes
Nordic Semi
nRF52840_xxAA Cortex-M4 Parallel CFI NOR flash
Internal flash

Is the MX25R6435F CFI compliant?

If I deselect automatic flash memory detection in the project settings, I cannot see the flash device:

JFlash SPI, which I would use to connect the device in direct mode supports the device:

Is it possible to use the indirect mode or do I need to solder and interface directly with the flash chip?



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