Difficult to use nRF5x SDK from scratch!

Whose idea was it to make creating a new project from scratch so difficult (if not impossible)????

I have created numerous projects using the nRF5x, but have always used an example project as the starting point.  However, when I want to do something that is in 2 different example projects, I have had a lot of trouble combining them.  And starting from scratch is impossible.  I am using it with IAR.


1. Mainly because of the sdk_config.h.  Trying to figure out what to enable or disable is very difficult.  Just for the UART/UARTE there are numerous enables.  All the color stuff makes no sense.  I never was able to make use of colors.

2. In order to move a project to a different directory either requires the entire sdk be brought with it, or redefining 1000's of includes paths in IAR's preprocessor options.  This is ridiculous.

3. There are a bunch of Define Symbols in IAR that don't make sense.  Having to recreate this for a scratch project is ridiculous.

4. TI does the above also, and I stopped using their sdk.

5. I have worked with numerous large software development companies that have written nRF5x projects.  They have all used example projects to get started because they say they can't figure it out either.

The API docs are OK, allowing me to do an include and start using the sdk calls, they are OK.  But having to read 25 documents and take 3 classes to create a scratch built project enviroment is not acceptable.

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