No elf version debug avialable


I am the first time programming with nordic and Segger. As I received the Thingy91 I just the getting started assistent to set up the toolchain.

This worked fine so far, but now I opened the asset tracker example and wanted to build the zephyr.elf data as mentioned in the descriptions:

The problem now just is, that there is no build for the elf data available. I just can choose the zephyr/merged.hex data.

When building the zephyr/merged.hex data in the output window I see, that also the zephyr.elf data is build.

Does anyone know if this is problematically? And if yes how to I get the option that I can build the zephyr.elf data as well ?

Due to this I just wanted to ask if there are any basic example for the thingy 91 to. I just want to get a connection first and therefore used the asset tracker as it runs on the same processor (SDK 9160).

Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi.

    The documentation you linked to is for NCS version 0.3.0, which is outdated. Here is a link to the most recent documentation:

    As you can see, for multi-image builds (which all builds for nrf9160_pca10090ns are as it includes the Secure Partition Manager), you are only given the option of merged.hex.

    As you have noticed, zephyr.elf is built as part of the merged.hex target. What is happening is that each image gets built as an elf file, which is converted to a hex file. All these hex files then get merged into merged.hex. You can find the elf files of the other images here: <your build folder>/<image name (e.g. spm, mcuboot)>/zephyr/zephyr.elf

    Best regards,