nRF52840, nRF52810 gazell dynamic pairing sw ecosystem

To the kind attention of Nordic support team,

We are very interested indeed in using your nRF52840 and nRF52810 devices in our projects. We also would like to use your gazell protocol for them to communicate, in particular gazell with dynamic pairing, because of the built in security features it offers. Nevertheless, we have an urgent need at this stage to know and evaluate what is the software toolchain environment (Keil, IAR, Segger Embedded Studio), if any, that truly guarantees an out of the box working for the gazell dynamic pairing with encryption software examples that you kindly provide in SDK 16.0.0. Hope my asking is not inappropriate, but it is really important for us to understand the current state of the porting in various environments, so that we can experience at this stage an out of the box functioning, and should the need arise, make a conscious decision about the porting problems that we could have to address. Really hope that this is not an inconvenient question, and it is not much trouble for you to reply. It seems that IAR projects are experiencing some compilation issues when using IAR version 8, and Segger Embedded Studio projects are not provided for what we need in our projects. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Should I conclude that actual Keil porting offers an out of the box working for host and device gazell dynamic pairing? I couldn't give a try to that environment, yet. In every case, let me thank you for all your valuable work and attention that you have for all your customers. Let me excuse in advance should my question be a little bit out of the scope.

Best regards