Unable to run code(mesh beacon example) in nrf 52840 DK


        I have a nrf 52840 DK with me. I have downloaded the SDK for the mesh(v.3.2.0) and SDK (v 15.3). I am using segger embedded studio here. I have modified SDK_ROOT location as mentioned. 

           I am trying to flash C:\Nordic\nrf5_SDK_for_Mesh_v3.2.0_src\examples\beaconing into my Dev kit. I followed the steps in 

https://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.nordic.infocenter.meshsdk.v3.1.0%2Fmd_doc_getting_started_how_to_run_examples.html . But once I flash my code, I am not able to see any beacon signal in my nrf mobile app or any beacon scanner application.

I am able to see the beacons (attached image of nordic mesh app) in the nRF connect app, however not in the nrf beacon or nrf mesh android app (attached image of provisioner)  , I am missing some steps I believe. It would be great if someone could point it out.

Thank you

Thanks and Regards


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