nRF52810 app optimization ble_app_uart

Hello ...

Our BLE peripheral product (nRF52810, SDK 15.3.0, SD 112 6.1.1) is relatively simple. iOS device (central) connects to peripheral. Data is exchanged between the central and peripheral. Peripheral watches a sensor and responds to events (by sending data to the central). The size of data sent between central and peripheral does not exceed 16 bytes (future expansion might increase this by a few bytes). Encryption unnecessary. Peripheral device is powered by 2 AA batteries with adequate battery life. Power optimization is not needed.

I'm new to Nordic SDK and started with the ble_app_uart example. I would like to learn about important considerations in moving towards a final app. Here's, generally, how I've migrated ble_app_uart:

1) Removed all use and reference of/to UART as it's not needed. Simply sending data between central and peripheral.

2) Removed all use and reference of/to Board Support Package, and use nrf_gpio directly for IO.

3) Removed Board.c.

4) Replaced NUS UUIDs with our UUIDs.

App functionality is complete and is working well. I'm able to flash to our custom nRF52810 board using the debug out port of the nRF52 dev kit. All appears good.

Given basic requirements, is there more that can be trimmed to reduce app size and complexity?

Is the Queued Write module necessary?

Low and relatively consistent latency of delivery of messages between central and peripheral is important. Is there anything I can do to reduce message delivery latency? I understand there are many factors out of my control, such as the BLE stack on the iOS device and its sharing of RF resources, etc.

I'm using the Logger module (NRF_LOG_INIT, etc.) for debugging. To build and flash release product, how do I essentially turn off logging? Should I be using #define DEBUG and then surround all NRF_LOG statements with #ifdef DEBUG ... #endif, then remove #define DEBUG for building release app?

Anything else for building/flashing a release app?

Enjoying the learning ... thanks for any guidance.