add libuarte to central&peripheral

Im working on project that communicate with gps/gprs and it works with the example/peripheral/libuarte. 
but when I want to integrat it (add) it to central peripheral id doesnt :
I added the same "drivers" that are used on libuarte example and "library" and "sdkconfig" and also "User Include Directories"

here is my logs of errors:

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    It seems like you haven't added the nrf_error.h header file to your example, which is found either in the SoftDevice header files or \SDK_FOLDER\components\drivers_nrf\nrf_soc_nosd\nrf_error.h if you're not using a SoftDevice in your application. Have you started out with a project from scratch here? We generally recommend starting out from an already existing example, as there are quite a lot of files that need to be added when making a project from the ground up. Seems like the libuarte example would be a great starting point for you.

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