add libuarte to central&peripheral

Im working on project that communicate with gps/gprs and it works with the example/peripheral/libuarte. 
but when I want to integrat it (add) it to central peripheral id doesnt :
I added the same "drivers" that are used on libuarte example and "library" and "sdkconfig" and also "User Include Directories"

here is my logs of errors:

  • Okay, thank you for clarifying. I think you have started out wrong. It is much harder to implement BLE and the SoftDevice into an example that doesn't have that. One thing that came to mind. When implementing a SoftDevice into an example that didn't already have a SoftDevice you have to make sure you remove the ../../../../../../components/drivers_nrf/nrf_soc_nosd from the User Include Directories, as that might cause errors like NRF_SUCCESS undefined. Sorry I didn't think of this initially!

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