Thread Border Router networking fail

Hello Nordic Taam:

I follow the WEB steps below

Software Development Kit > nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.1.0 > Thread > Thread tools > Thread Border Router

nRF52840 DK Version:nRF5_SDK_for_Thread_and_Zigbee_v4.1.0_32ce5f8\examples\thread\ncp\ftd\uart\hex

Raspberry Pi 3 Version:RaspPi_OT_Border_Router_Demo_v4.1.0-1.alpha

Use nRF52840 DK UART connect Raspberry Pi 3 to get the following information

wpan0 => [
"NCP:State" => "associating"
"Daemon:Enabled" => true
"NCP:Version" => "OPENTHREAD/20191113-00534-gc6a258e3; NRF52840; Apr 5 2020 21:51:18"
"Daemon:Version" => "0.08.00d (; Apr 21 2020 19:11:43)"
"Config:NCP:DriverName" => "spinel"
"NCP:HardwareAddress" => [F4CE363EC3C45B0E]

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo wpanctl status
wpan0 => [
"NCP:State" => "uninitialized"
"Daemon:Enabled" => true
"NCP:Version" => ""
"Daemon:Version" => "0.08.00d (; Apr 21 2020 19:11:43)"
"Config:NCP:DriverName" => "spinel"
"NCP:HardwareAddress" => [F4CE363EC3C45B0E]

If I have the wrong steps or have not completed, please give me some pointers, thank you.

Also, can you teach me how to set up the Thread Border Router successfully on Raspberry Pi 3?

Best Regards


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  • Hi,

    The instructions on Thread Border Router is the latest and should be correct. It also looks like you are using the correct versions of the firmware and border router image. 

    I have tested this multiple times before, and have not had any issues with getting the network up and running.

    Are you using a revision 1 DK or later? Did you have the DK connected to the RPi before you booted it? Did you run 'erase all' command on the DK before flashing the NCP FW? You did not run any other commands on the border router prior to the "sudo wpanctl status" command?

    If nothing works, I would suggest that you start over and flash the DK and border router image again to the devices to see if that solves any issues.

    Best regards,