nrf52840 usb audio class example only works on debug

I'm using nrf52840 with nRF5_SDK_17.0.0_9d13099 and usbd_audio loopback example.

The example works fine with the given hex file 

but when i compile it myself, the signal seems to have variable type issue.

but in debugging everthings works fine 

I have suspect it's an issue with optimization which mess with the buffer or the signal input, but it seems that removing optimisation option has not resolved the problem.

Maybe someone could share with me their Makefile for the project?

  • You should find makefile in \nRF5_SDK_17.0.0_9d13099\examples\peripheral\usbd_audio\pca10056\blank\armgcc

    The following toolchains/devices have been used for testing and verification:
    - ARM: MDK-ARM version 5.25
    - GCC: GCC ARM Embedded 9.2019q4.major
    - IAR: IAR Workbench 7.80.4
    - SES: SES 4.50

    The issue looks very much like some sort of buffer issue yes, what is the frequency here? Just want to get an idea of the duration.

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  • the problem is that in debug mode it works just fine.. so i can't really debug it.

    Click here to play this video