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nRF52840 Dongle Bricked After Programming


I have a nRF52840 Dongle connected up to an external j-link debugger. I have been using this over the past few weeks with no issues and unfortunately I have managed to brick it. 

When I try to connect, i get an error saying that no board is connected. I have tried nrfproj from a comment line, the j-link lite tool and the nRFconnect programmer, all complain that they can not see the dongle.

(Actually, I had managed to do this on two separate dongles, on one the green LED remains permanently lit and on the other, there are no leds lit)

This issue seems to be similar to what Im seeing

Here the answers was to use the reset button. I have tried pushing, holding. tapping the reset with no changes.

How can I bring the boards back to life?



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  • Dear sir, I am facing similar issue. I used openOCD to debug dongle with Eclipse but I experience some problems not being able to run my code on the dongle when when pressing build in Eclipse. Nevertheless after removing the dongle from my Raspberry, the LED on dongle started to flash RED that looked ok, bot the openOCD offered to to enter command nrf52_recover. After this command the dongle stopped working. I probably erased the firmware which must be recovered with probe. But I am experiencing voltage 2.9V on C27,does that mean it could still be recovered? In this post the guy had 0V cross C27.Thank you

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