SEGGER J-Link debugger/programmer for nRF52840


I have developed some projects on nRF52840 DK pca10056.

I want to program/debug the nRF52840 chip (this chip)  with SEGGER J-Link debugger/programmer (this debugger).

So I have the following questions.

1- Is this the right debugger I have selected? Or any other suggestion?
2- Is there any connection diagram(nRF52840 chip--with--SEGGER J-Link debugger/programmer)? I have not found it.
3- I need this setup to program many devices. So any suggestions?


  • Hi Muqarrab,

    1- It should work.

    You can also use the nRF52840-DK instead. It has an on-board debugger that can also be used to flash and debug firmware on external SOCs.

    You just need to connect your external SOC through the debug out port. Once your external SOC is detected, the debugger will switch the connection to it, and ignore the on-board SOC.

    If you managed to have an SWD connector on your custom board, that'll be easier. You'll just need a cable to connect them both.

    Like in here. The custom board is the Adafruit nRF52840 Feather express.

    Or, you can just connect the SWD related pins on the P20 of the nRF52840-DK, to your custom board.

    Note: You do need to power your external board.

    2- You can just look for the SWD interface pins. That's all you need !

    3- You can still use the DK here too. But, if you have lot of devices, I think using an external debugger would be good, with some sort of pogo-pins, and a Tag-Connect footprint on the custom PCB.

    Find some tips about that here :

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards,

  • Thank ,

    Do I need a level converter? As I have seen some chips have 3.3 operating voltage and some have 1.7-5.5v.

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