Direction Finding AoA support possibility using nRF52832 plus nRF52833


nRF52832 does not support Direction Finding functionality according to and some already existing threads.

However, I would like to know whether it is still possible to support only part (not all) of the Direction Finding functionality in the following scenario:

- Only support Direction Finding AoA (not AoD support required)

- The beacon/asset device (i.e., the one with single antenna, not array of antennas) would still use the nRF52832

- The locator device (i.e., the one with array of antennas) would use nRF52833

Question: Do you thing the above scenario is possible?

Note: the motivation behind this scenario is to avoid having to change existing HW/FW on asset/beacons devices but only change at the locator devices, which are much fewer and would have to be changed any way due to antenna array. From my understanding of I tend to believe that it is possible, but would like to double check and/or be informed of problems you see with it apart from not being able to support AoD or other functionality like Long Range that nRF52833 already supports.



  • Hi Luis,

    as stated in the other case nRF52832 does not support BLE 5.1.
    The scenario your suggesting; it might be possible, but it will not be compatible with BLE 5.1 and we don't have any examples for it. 

    If you'd like a roadmap and/or information regarding upcoming features and releases, please contact the Regional Sales Manager of your area. If you don't know who this is or don't have their contact information, please fill out the Sales related questions form here to get in touch with our Sales team.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Kaja,

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    You stated "nRF52832 does not support BLE 5.1", something that is also stated at the other thread, but does it mean:

    - A) nRF52832 does not support at all BLE 5.1? or

    - B) it simply does not support some functionality specified at BLE 5.1 (e.g., not supporting Direction Finding)?

    From the documentation it is stated that nRF52832 does support BLE 5.2 and we are using Softdevice S132, which states "BLE 5.1 qualified". Does it mean that the BLE version being used in 5.0 (not 5.1 nor 5.2)?

    Regarding my initial doubt, most probably we will end up trying such scenario first, should Direction Finding AoA really be required to be supported by customer, since if possible it would be preferable to limit the changes only to the devices it is really needed.