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Example for Performing OTA DFU from NRF52840 Dongle to NRF52 peripheral ?

Hi All, 

I am able to perform the OTA DFU from the NRF52840 Dongle using the NRF Connect Bluetooth low energy application and default Nordic firmware.

I would like to be able to do the same thing from my application without having to use NRF Connect. 

Is there an example of this OTA DFU implementation (  Performing  OTA DFU from central to peripheral )? 

Any directions on this would be much appreciated. 



  • Hi Felipe, 

    Could you please clarify are you planning to do OTA DFU from the dongle to the nRF52 with or without the use of a PC ? Meaning the dongle will run stand alone or you plan to use an application running on PC to execute that ? 
    If you want instead of nRF Connect but develop an application on PC to do the task I would suggest to have a look at the nrfutil application. 
    We provide the source code for nrfutil that you can refer and modify it to create your own application. 

  • Hi Hung,

    Thanks a lot for your help, I have just started navigating through the connectivity firmware for nRF Connect here that you suggested, and I was unable to find anything related to the bootloader, I would like to know if you guys provide the source code for the bootloader that runs on the dongles, As I understand that is where the DFU process happens, so I would be very interested in seeing If could take that source code and add some custom USB-VCP Commands to perform specific tasks , alternatively some documentation in regards to the BLE-DFU Service structure and or examples would be very helpful.


  • Hi Felipe, 
    The USB bootloader is available in the SDK, you can have a look here.

    The DFU protocol is described here.

    And the DFU USB trigger libreary is here.

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