nRF Connect for Mobile - Does advertiser functionality use S2 or S8 coding for Coded PHY?


What is the used coding scheme in nRF Connect for Mobile when advertising on Coded PHY? Is it S2 or S8?

Should be clarified in the screen below



  • Hi

    It appears as the Android stack doesn't specify which mode is being used, when setting the primary PHY, see the Android developer forum here and here for details. An educated guess is that it's using the S=8, but I don't have a phone supporting Coded PHY at my disposal as of now as I'm restricted to home office due to the COVID-19 situation in Trondheim. You should be able to see this by taking a sniffer trace of the advertisement if you're able to. If not, I'll see what I can do to take a sniffer trace myself and get back to you when I know for certain.

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  • Hi, I tried to use a sniffer to see if it is S2 or S8. However, I was not able to see it using Sniffle sniffer. Maybe some more sophisticated one will be able to check it (e.g., Ellisys)

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