DFU using nrfConnect - Remote DFU error: INVALID OBJECT. SD busy? Retrying

Using nrfConnect 4.5.3 on Android - with a .zip package generated using nrfutil ~3.5.1 I am seeing an error reported at the end of a DFU session. When the update reaches 100%, the device remains in DFU mode and nrfConnect starts the update over again. The update/retry sequence repeats indefinitely. The log from nrfConnect at the end of a DFU cycle shows the following:

The .zip package was generated sometime ago and I'm fairly certain that previous versions of nrfConnect were able to perform the update.

Phone info:

nrfConnect Version 4.24.3
Device Name: Pixel 4
Android Version: 11
Manufacturer: Google
Build Version RQ1A.210105.003

  • Hello,

    It's strange that it consistently reaches 100%, but then fails to activate the new app. Maybe it's failing in the post validation step where the bootloader validates the integrity check of the received FW image. Could you please try to update the same DFU package with our nRF toolbox, or with a different phone and see if it gives the same result?



  • The .zip loads successfully from users of the iOS nrfConnect (not specifically sure what version) and also with our own linux DFU implementation. Will try with nrfToolbox.

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