DFU using nrfConnect - Remote DFU error: INVALID OBJECT. SD busy? Retrying

Using nrfConnect 4.5.3 on Android - with a .zip package generated using nrfutil ~3.5.1 I am seeing an error reported at the end of a DFU session. When the update reaches 100%, the device remains in DFU mode and nrfConnect starts the update over again. The update/retry sequence repeats indefinitely. The log from nrfConnect at the end of a DFU cycle shows the following:

The .zip package was generated sometime ago and I'm fairly certain that previous versions of nrfConnect were able to perform the update.

Phone info:

nrfConnect Version 4.24.3
Device Name: Pixel 4
Android Version: 11
Manufacturer: Google
Build Version RQ1A.210105.003

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