How to generate a hex file from a sample app - Segger embedded studio for ARM (Nordic version)


I have setup the Segger Embedded Studio for ARM (Nordic Edition) V5.10d, and managed to compile a sample app from ,

V1.4.2 -> nrf -> samples -> bluetooth -> peripheral uart

I used my NRF52-DK, hooked up the board to my PC and managed to program the app with "Build and Run" option. I quickly verified that the app is working, by installing the "nrf-tool box" on my phone, and run the app, connect to the device named "Nordic-UART_service". Then did setup the terminal emulator (inbuilt on the segger) with 115200/8/N/1 and managed to communicate with the phone's app, both directions, rx and tx.

Apart from the NRF52-DK, I have designed and built our own NRF52832 based board, which was initially tested with a custom serial/UART bootloader. For this, earlier I used Arduino IDE and managed to program the custom board and run the apps.

Now, I need to migrate to the official NRF SDK studio (Segger which I already setup and tested) and use this SDK to compile and build, but then I need a means to program the custom boards.

My custom boards have the following options (hardware wise)

1. Serial RX/TX exposed

2. SWDIO / SWDCLK pins exposed

With these options, how do I compile an app on the NRF-SDK, and download the Hex file (??) on to the custom board?

I have previously managed to program the bootloader + SoftAPI on to my custom board through the SWDIO/SWDCLK interface, provided from the NRF52-DK board.

I would like to know, 

1. Similar to the way I program the bootloader + SoftAPI on to the custom board through the SWD interface, can I program the app on to the custom board?

2. If I want to use a Serial/UART bootloader, where by pressing a button, the custom board goes on to Serial bootloader mode, does the NRF-SDK support to flash/program the app through a serial cable (with a USB 2 serial cable).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.




  • Hello Einar,

    For some reason, I am unable to reply to your message. So I am replying to my own message.

    I think the best way to go ahead would be to use nRF5 SDK with SES, mainly because we are using NRF52832 chip at the moment. In that case, i believe the SoftAPI is required.

    So, I am of the view that, if I hook up the SWD pins on the nRF52-DK on to my custom board's NRF52832 chips SWDIO/SWDCLK pins, I should be able to program the custom board from the NRF52 SDK. This means, when ever an external device is connected to the SWD port on the NRF52-DK, the channel will be routed to the external device, instead of the on board debugger on the DK board. Please advise. 

    Also, could you advise me from where I can download the latest softAPIs for NRF52832, along with their capabilities description.

    And, also, I would like to know, how I can generate/compile my own bootloader and the related settings. I will be interested in compiling the bootloader with options such as (a). Serial bootloader with a button defined to put the device in serial bootloading mode upon reset (b). Over the air bootloader etc.



  • For some reason, I am unable to reply to your message

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