Creating SES projects for PCA10100 or other boards


I have a nRF52833 on a nRF52833-DK or the PCA10100 and want to do development but I have found several projects don't have a Segger Embedded Studio project (for the PCA10100) so I have had to make the project by going through the following steps.  If there is a better way to create the projects, please let me know.  I plan on moving all my work over to a custom board with the nRF52820 but haven't completed the PCB design yet.  I have been just verifying the hardware with software examples to make sure everything works.


To make this a project for the nRF52833 or PCA10100, what I do is the following:

First open one of the existing projects (for example, the cli_libuarte example).  Open it by going into Windows Explorer and go down in the ses (Segger Embedded Studio) and find the project file.


Double click the cli_libuarte_pca10056.emProject which should launch Embedded Segger Studio and build properly.


Close the application and then copy and paste back as a new folder.  Then rename it to something like pca10100 (or whatever board trying to support)


Once again go into the pca10100 folder and until getting to where the embedded studio file is.

You can rename the file if you want (I do).



Launch the project file.  You can rename the project by selecting it and re-naming it as desired (I changed mine to ending in pca10100)


Building the application should still work successfully.  


Now to change the different setting so we are building for the correct board/mcu.

Right click on project and open the options.  Make sure you are on the Common options.


Selecting the Preprocessor Definitions, it will look similar to this and then edit to the desired board and mcu.


Now need to change the Debug - Debugger info.


Now changes made for the nRF52833.


Need to modify the Linker settings as well for the nRF52833.


Memory segments need to be set to the following for the nRF52833

Text used:

FLASH1 RX 0x00000000 0x00080000;RAM1 RWX 0x20000000 0x00020000


For Set Section Placement macros for the nRF52833

Text used









 Need to swap out the ses_startup_nrf52840.s and system_nrf52840.c

For the files used by the nRF52833


Need to go into Options again, select Debug, then Linker.  Need to modify Memory Segments.


Memory Segments need to be modified to the following for nRF52833

FLASH RX 0x0 0x40000;RAM1 RWX 0x20000000 0x8000


Need to also change the Section Placement Macros to the following:










It should look like this.



Building should work now.

If there is a better/faster way to convert a project over from a pca10056 or other project, please let me know.  This method is not that painful but does take plenty of steps.


  • Hi,

    The steps you do look sensible, and we do not provide an automated way to do this. However, I find it is much more efficient to do the same by editing the .emProject file in a text editor. It is a readable XLM file, so it is easy to search and replace.

  • Hello,

    I use an application called BeyondCompare to look at differences.  I attempted to use this before to compare the differences but I was having trouble identifying what needed changed and why.  I will attempt to use this method when migrating another project.  Attached is a pdf of the report generated by looking at the differences between the files when one is being used for nRf52833 vs nRF52840.


    With this being the what is required to convert a project over to work on nRF52833, what modifications would need to be done to work with the nRF52820?  What is the main difference between the nRF52833 and nRF52820?