nRF9160 AGPS sample and nRF Cloud

I am using

MF V1.3

NCS V1.6.0

nRF9160Dk V0.15.0

Project: AGPS Sample

If i set the Interval in the gps_config structure to any number under 240 and run the sample i will see a message received in the terminal window of the nRF Cloud after every FIX and "GPS Position Sent to Cloud" message in the LTE Link Monitor.

struct gps_config gps_cfg = {
		.nav_mode = GPS_NAV_MODE_PERIODIC,
		.power_mode = GPS_POWER_MODE_DISABLED,
		.timeout = 120,
		.interval = 200,  //WRC changed to 200
		.priority = true,

If i set the interval to greater than 300 i only get the message in the nRF Cloud after bootup, but never get another message received even though the LTE link Monitor says there is a FIX and "GPS Position Sent to Cloud"

D: NMEA: Position fix
I: GPS position sent to cloud