BL654 UART question

Looking for advice on reading data from the BL654 UART RX pin which is getting a text data stream from an STM32 micro. 

I tried the "peripheral_uart" sample app in Segger Studio but it crashes a lot and sometimes I see UART events but have not seen any actual data yet.

Should I use UART IRQ API?  Or UART FIFO API? Should I be using the Nordic UART system CONFIG_BT_NUS like the peripheral_uart example?

I have verified data is working using a terminal to read the serial port.  I have verified the pin assignments and baud rate for the zephyr board DTS file.


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  • *** Booting Zephyr OS build v2.6.0-rc1-ncs1  ***
    [00:00:02.292,755] <inf> peripheral_uart: UART_RX_BUF_REQUEST
    [00:00:02.298,583] <inf> fs_nvs: 8 Sectors of 4096 bytes
    [00:00:02.298,583] <inf> fs_nvs: alloc wra: 7, f90
    [00:00:02.298,583] <inf> fs_nvs: data wra: 7, d8
    [00:00:02.298,706] <inf> sdc_hci_driver: SoftDevice Controller build revision: 
                                             58 5d 8b 31 54 67 00 e9  b8 4a a7 df a9 9c e4 1c |X].1Tg.. .J......
                                             b3 0b ce 74                                      |...t             
    [00:00:02.302,459] <inf> bt_hci_core: No ID address. App must call settings_load()
    [00:00:02.302,459] <inf> peripheral_uart: Bluetooth initialized
    [00:00:02.314,849] <inf> peripheral_uart: Starting Nordic UART service example
    [00:00:02.314,880] <inf> peripheral_uart: ble_write_thread after ble_init_ok
    [00:00:18.957,458] <inf> peripheral_uart: UART_RX_BUF_RELEASED
    [00:00:18.957,458] <inf> peripheral_uart: UART_RX_BUF_REQUEST

    Above is the log.  It crashes with at "z_arm_usage_fault".  

    The custom board is a BL654 and STM32 reading data from temperature and gyroscope sensors.

    Just prototype stage.  I copied the "bl654_dvk" board DTS file and modified for our custom board.

    Some of the DTS fiie:

    chosen {
    zephyr,console = &uart0;
    zephyr,shell-uart = &uart0;
    zephyr,uart-mcumgr = &uart0;
    zephyr,bt-mon-uart = &uart0;
    zephyr,bt-c2h-uart = &uart0;
    zephyr,sram = &sram0;
    zephyr,flash = &flash0;
    zephyr,code-partition = &slot0_partition;

    &uart0 {
    compatible = "nordic,nrf-uarte";
    current-speed = <115200>;
    status = "okay";
    tx-pin = <6>;
    rx-pin = <8>;
    rts-pin = <5>;
    cts-pin = <7>;
  • Hi,

    peripheral_uart example should suffice, and it looks correct to my understanding of how you have set it up. So i am curious how the STM32 micro is configured, does it have flow controlled? how is it connected? Do you have schematics of how they interface?

    I don's see anything of concern in the setup so it leads me to think that there is something with the interface to the STM32 or how it is configured. 


  • I use the Mac app "CoolTerm" to read the serial port which returns data like this:

    pos: 168 1 255
    temp: 75.53 F

    CTS/DTR/XON flow control are all turned off in CoolTerm.

    I can check with the STM32 developer and see about the flow control.

  • Solved issue with crash.


    Increased stack size from 1024 to 4096

    Seeing data using BlueLight android app.