How can I reduce the CoProcessor code for NCS

I am now using the DFU functionality to upgrade the code combined with the CoProcessor and radio_test samples and find that the code takes up too much space to upgrade. I only use the openThread function in the CoProcessor example. Can MPSL-related functions in the CoProcessor example be deleted?

Or is there any other way to reduce storage space

  •  I read the article Memory Optimization with the nRF Connect SDK,I would like to know how to use the prj_minimal.Conf file,Move the prj_minimal.Conf file to the application directory and compile it directly,Is that the right thing to do.

    is there a prj_minimal. Conf file for the CoProcessor or radio_test samples.

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    The prj_minimal.conf is basically another .conf file that you use instead of the prj.conf file, and select before you build the application. There is no overall general prj_minimal.conf that you can apply to all applications. 

    I don't think there is much you can strip down from the project itself, but as you can see from the sample description, you can try to enable this .conf file, but be aware that RCP is not the same as NCP. It requires more of the stack to run on the main MCU (not the nRF). 


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