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Does 5340 support long range transmission?


52840 MAXIMUM_TX_POWER is 8dB,

it support long range transmission,see Test reports & deployment recommendations — Fanstel

5340 MAXIMUM_TX_POWER is only 3dB?

and is it support long rang transmission?

The signal and power are worse than 52840?


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  • Hi

    Indeed, the nRF52840 supports higher TX powers than the nRF5340, but long range transmission is not exclusively related to the TX power, as the radio uses a Coded PHY layer that lets you transmit over longer distances that was introduced in Bluetooth 5.0. You can read an introduction to this long range Coded PHY here. Both devices support long range transmission, and the range shouldn't be very different between them.

    We also did a long range test and wrote a blog post on it here on DevZone if you'd like to see how to use Coded PHY on your device.

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