softdevice - Write custom BLE advertise with custom TYPE


I am using the nRF52840 DK board and with Softdevice code nRF SDK 17.0.2. I am trying to write custom advertise data with custom type.

As you can see in the above screenshot. Like 0x16 and 0x09 I want to set my data to some other type for example 0x06 or 0x07. How can implement this? Earlier I have done the same in Zephyr in the same nRF52840 successfully, but I am not sure how to do this in Softdevice. Please let me know how can do this?

so as you can see in screenshot 0x16 was written due to the below statement:

uint8_t test[2] = {0x07,0x02};
ble_advdata_service_data_t obj;
obj.service_uuid = BLE_UUID_TX_POWER_SERVICE; = test; = 2;

init.advdata.p_service_data_array =&obj;

Thanks and regards,

Neeraj Dhekale