What is next stage after buying SOC(NRF5340)? How can I evaluate it?

Hello Nordic community,

We are a software development team. We can directly work on development kits but as a initiative we are trying to buy SOC and do others steps manually.
We have almost zero knowledge working directly with SOC evaluation.

What is the next step after buying SOC(NRF5340 - For LE audio feature)? How can I evaluate it?
Is it possible to use SOC along with raspberry pi or any other boards? How can I solder it?
Do we need to create separate micro controller with circuit which can handle Nordic SOC based on its specification sheet?
Is there any documentation for stack communication or API details through which SOC can be interacted?

Any video or tutorial displaying how we can evaluate SOC availble?
Please add any information which might be related to SOC evaluation.

Thanks in advance


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