Danalock V3 Smart Lock nRF DFU firmware rewrite twice


I bought a Danalock V3 type smart lock. The manufacturer sent me the firmware file. The first time I uploaded the file 2 out of 2 processes ran:

UPDATING: Part 2 of 2 100%

But the second time only one, the bootloader did not upload.
How can I get it to upload again and not just run one process?

Suppose I bought the smart lock second-hand. Is it enough to just overwrite these files? Or did the manufacturer not send me the complete firmware version?

The file names:

  • DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.bin
  • DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.dat
  • manifest.json
  • sd_bl.bin
  • sd_bl.dat

The manifest.json code:

    "manifest": {
        "application": {
            "bin_file": "DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.bin",
            "dat_file": "DanalockV3_101-025_D1_0.20.2_20220324101526.dat"
        "softdevice_bootloader": {
            "bin_file": "sd_bl.bin",
            "dat_file": "sd_bl.dat",
            "info_read_only_metadata": {
                "bl_size": 28412,
                "sd_size": 120640

The bootloader update branch does not run. It only updates the application, not the bootloader. What could be the reason for this?
What exactly are the parts of a smart device? What do I need to upgrade to get a completely hacker code-free system?
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  • In general, the only way you will be able to overwrite the bootloader is if the vendor distributes a new bootloader with a higher version number. This is to prevent replay attacks which can wear out flash or cause denial of service.

    If you suspect that the bootloader has been tampered with somehow, you probably can't trust it to perform the update either.

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