Problem with large CIG

I'm creating a CIG with two CIS each carrying 240 byte payloads. It worked fine with NET fw 3303 but has stopped working with NET fw 3307

* 2 CIS with 120 byte payload works fine with fw 3307

* 1 CIS with 240 byte payload works fine with fw 3307

Is there some regression in 3307 or a setting I need to give with the new firmware?



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  • I think I may be starting to understand what is going on.

    2x 240 bytes @10ms with NSE=3 doesn't appear to overload the channel, but with additional 2x ACL using Data Length Extension I think it does. Reducing to NSE=2 works on both 3303 and 3307.

    Still not sure why 3303 behaves differently from 3307 in this respect; perhaps there was a change to avoid assigning >100% radio time?

    How could I disable Data Length Extension (assuming it is enabled...) to test if this really is the problem?

  • any progress on this? How should I disable Data Length Extension to avoid 2xACLs using so much radio time?

  • Hello again, Chris

    Thank you for your extreme patience with this.
    I have been out of office for some time, but now I am back.

    You can configure the maximum data length using the CONFIG_BT_CTRL_DATA_LENGTH_MAX kconfig, or you could also use the CONFIG_BT_CTLR_SDC_MAX_CONN_EVENT_LEN_DEFAULT to dictate the length of each connection event.

    cstjohn said:
    perhaps there was a change to avoid assigning >100% radio time?

    I have not heard any such change being necessary, but it would be good to hear what you find when you reduce the air time used by the ACLs.
    In general, this should make things easier for the scheduler, which in turn might make the connections more stable.

    We recently also merged a new controller version, 3322, which comes with some optimization of the scheduler in regards to the scheduling of concurrent ACLs and ISOs, which you might be interested in checking out.
    There is no rpmsg change necessary between 3310 and 3322, so you could just swap it for the 3322 to see if the situation improves for your use-case.

    Best regards,