Problem with large CIG

I'm creating a CIG with two CIS each carrying 240 byte payloads. It worked fine with NET fw 3303 but has stopped working with NET fw 3307

* 2 CIS with 120 byte payload works fine with fw 3307

* 1 CIS with 240 byte payload works fine with fw 3307

Is there some regression in 3307 or a setting I need to give with the new firmware?



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  • I think I may be starting to understand what is going on.

    2x 240 bytes @10ms with NSE=3 doesn't appear to overload the channel, but with additional 2x ACL using Data Length Extension I think it does. Reducing to NSE=2 works on both 3303 and 3307.

    Still not sure why 3303 behaves differently from 3307 in this respect; perhaps there was a change to avoid assigning >100% radio time?

    How could I disable Data Length Extension (assuming it is enabled...) to test if this really is the problem?

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