boot process for nrf51822

Quick question regarding the boot process of the nrf51822. If a bootloader address is written to 0x10001014, will the bootloader code always be executed, regardless of whether there is a valid image written to 0x14000?

Basically, I'm wondering if the following boot sequence is always followed after a hardware or software reset:

  1. SoftDevice boots
  2. SoftDevice initializes BLE stack
  3. SoftDevice checks for valid boot address at 0x10001014 if yes, goto 4 if no, SoftDevice jumps to main application image at 0x14000
  4. SoftDevice jumps to bootloader
  5. bootloader checks for valid main application image at 0x14000 if yes, goto 6 if no, bootloader sits in DFU mode
  6. bootloader jumps to main application image