nRF5340 Audio - configure gateway unit also as ACL peripheral


I'm working with nRF5340 Audio DKs.

I'm able to successfully run the audio example in BIS mode (with gateway and headset devices).

My goal is to open another BT connection, in parallel to the audio broadcast on my gateway device, to which I can connect with the headset units and the nRF Toolbox App via NUS. I'd like the gateway device to act as peripheral in that manner and to be able to connect to 6 different devices concurrently via NUS (5 headset units + 1 smartphone app).

I tried implementing it by myself, and I feel like on the brink of it, but calling bt_le_ext_adv_create() twice (once for audio and once for ACL) fails with EIO (I/O error). It's unclear to me why it happens. As I see it, the challange is to create 2 concurrent advertisements in the gateway unit - audio streaming and ACL connection.

On this ticket I received great help from , which implemented the gateway device as central in terms of ACL connection.

I'll share that I was able to deduce from his development and successfully configure the headset device as central in terms of ACL connection (in parallel to audio streaming receival). here are the relevant files: headset_as_ACL_central.rar

I would appreciate any help with such implementation.

Thank you,