NRF Connect 2.6.0 white screen on linux

NRF Connect displays only a white screen after some time.

I can connect to my nrf51DK with the ble or the PPK app, but after some seconds (changes between 1-20) only a white screen is displayed.

If I start the DevTools (ctrl+shift+I) it says "DevTools was disconnected from the page".

I can do a reload (ctrl+r) and everything looks ok, but can't connect to the board. I have to unplug it and connect it again.

What could be the reason for this behaviour? nrfconnect 2.3.0 did not have this issue.

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  • I rely quite heavily on the tools in nRF Connect, so a "sooner rather than later" fix would be appreciated. Can you share what the issue is? Is there anything I can do to mitigate it?

    I don't mind building from source, but I can't see that any patch has been made to the nRF Connect or PPK repositories.