nRF Connect v3.0.0 Programmer does not support devices (nrf52832 nor nrf9160): Error while probing devices: Error occured when get serial numbers. Errorcode: CouldNotFindJprogDLL (0x2) and The detected device could not be recognized as neither JLink device

After the update to nRF Connect v3.0.0 none of the Nordic devices is detected anymore by that tool.

I even un-installed and reinstalled nRF Connect v3.0.0 (as recommended in other support threats) and updated the CLI (now I'm on nRF-Command-Line-Tools_10_2_1).

Furthermore I installed and updated J-Link V640, V644e and finally V646i. Nothing helped!!! I'm using Windows 10.

Actually I'd like to try the Cellular Modem "Update modem" firmware because I produced a custom board that is equiped with an old modem firmware. And that feature seemd not the be available on the old nRF Connect 2.5.

However, I was able to update that modem firmware with an other PC running Windows 7 and nRF Connect 3.0.0. Well the Nordic boards (nrf9160 DK and nrf52832 DK) are recognozed only as boards (as selectable devcie) but not flashable neither. But an old J-LINK SEGGER is recognized and able to update the modem firmware...

One thing that is still working on the Windows 10 PC is the flashing of the nrf9160 devices using the command line setup with "ninja flash"

However, I'd like to flash the DK boards from Windows 10 and update the modem firmware as well from the Windows 10 setup with a working nrf Connect v.3.0.0.

  • Which version of the J-Link worked? Have you taken a look at the documentation provided here regarding the couldnotfindjprogdll error you are receiving? I will ask internally about this & get back to you soon.

  • Well, not sure what that last working version was. nRFConnect Update to v3.0.0 did install for sure a new one. And I was more often using other tools (like  nRFgo Studio and proably as well SES) that use the JLink tools just in the background.

    But I just found one screen shot of nRF Connect v2.6.1 in January when I used it last time for the nRF9160:

    Accroding to my installs, in January I used JLink_V622g and JLink_V640.

    I guess the nRF Connect v3.0.0 update installed the JLink_V644e that is not working anymore.

    However there in the nrf Connect v2.6.1, the Modem Firmware is appearantly not available yet. So, for my custom board with the nRF9160 such a Modem Firmware is required... and the upgrade to version nRF Connect V3.0.0 seemed a good idea...

  • I'm also having this issue. I found another thread that suggested uninstalling then reinstalling but it didn't work for me. If i recall correctly it was around the time i update segger drivers to 6.44e

  • It seems we have noticed a similar bug & are working on a fix. It seems this issue may be related to nrfjprog. Just to be certain, both of you are using the 91DK, right? Not any custom boards? It seems the documentation I linked to needs to be updated slightly.

    It is also possible to upgrade the modem FW via pynrfjprog.

    Regarding a command line tool for updating the modem FW, the Programmer app uses pynrfjprog commands to update the modem FW. Make sure that you are using the latest nRF Command Line tools.

    One can update the FW of the 91 by doing the following:
    Make a zip file containing firmware.update.image.digest.txt and firmware.update.image.segments.*.hex
    open python
    >>> from pynrfjprog import HighLevel
    >>> api = HighLevel.API()
    >>> probe = HighLevel.IPCDFUProbe(api, <your snr here>, HighLevel.CoProcessor.CP_MODEM)
    >>> probe.program("")
    >>> probe.verify("")
    >>> api.close()

  • sorry, i wasn't very clear. I see this when using the NRF52832 or NRF52840 on the Dev kits and custom boards