I received THINGY:91 from NordicSemi. I use 10pins cable to connect to nRF9160 DK to program for THINGY:91. 

and, I am using ncs_v1.0.0

I am trying to run asset_tracker application, 

and I am confusing about: 

1. which board should I select? I tried to use    ncs_v1.0.0/zephyr/boards/arm/nrf9160_pca10090

but after programming, the LED on THINGY:91 changed to RED color, and I couldnt connect it from nrfcloud 

I couldn't find pca20035 on ncs_v1.0.0. Do I need to use another version of ncs ?

2. How can I debug the output from THINGY:91

The terminal still shows the output from nRF9160 DK, nothing from THINGY:91



Hoang Nguyen

  • Dear

    I found nrf9160_pca20035 then I tried to program asset_tracker to THINGY:91, pressed the button (long press) then connected to nrfcloud and put the THINGY:91 outside. 

    "Waiting for GPS Data...."

    How to activate GPS? Do I need to use the external GPS antenna? 



    Hoang Nguyen

  • If you want to see logging on the Thingy:91, it should suffice to open up the link monitor app, connect the Thingy:91 via USB, turn on the Thingy & then click off the Auto device/port filter button in the lower right hand corner of the Link Monitor app. Then, you should be able to choose between two different serial ports. Try both & one should give you UART logging of the Thingy:91. I am testing this now & will update the thread with a response soon.

  • Hi , Ja, I can connect to USB and see the logging on thingy:91 now. I am running gps example, but it couldn't get a fix.

  • Could you please run the asset tracker example again from this pull request? I believe I have already sent you the commands to integrate the PR into NCS. Please let me know what the logging shows.

  • Here, the log file of asset_tracker: 

    Asset tracker started
    [00:00:01.824,707] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_client_id_get: client_id = nrf-352656100245946[1B][0m
    [00:00:01.833,770] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: shadow_base_topic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100245946/shadow[1B][0m
    [00:00:01.845,184] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: accepted_topic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100245946/shadow/get/accepted[1B][0m
    [00:00:01.857,452] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: rejected_topic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100245946/shadow/get/rejected[1B][0m
    [00:00:01.869,720] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: update_delta_topic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100245946/shadow/update/delta[1B][0m
    [00:00:01.882,324] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: update_topic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100245946/shadow/update[1B][0m
    [00:00:01.893,920] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_topics_populate: shadow_get_topic: $aws/things/nrf-352656100245946/shadow/get[1B][0m
    Connecting to LTE network. This may take several minutes.
    [00:00:06.075,500] [1B][0m<dbg> lte_lc.at_handler: recv: +CEREG: 2,"765D","0110C303",7
    [00:00:08.213,195] [1B][0m<dbg> lte_lc.at_handler: recv: +CEREG: 5,"765D","0110C303",7
    Connected to LTE network
    [00:00:08.388,793] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_connect: IPv4 Address 0x1043ad36[1B][0m
    [00:00:13.937,042] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_CONNACK[1B][0m
    [00:00:13.945,007] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 2[1B][0m
    [00:00:13.952,606] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.event_handler: NRF_CLOUD_EVT_TRANSPORT_CONNECTED[1B][0m
    [00:00:13.962,402] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_cc_connect: nct_cc_connect[1B][0m
    [00:00:13.970,764] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 3[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.209,075] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_SUBACK: id=1234 result=0[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.218,536] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 4[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.226,104] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_cc_send: mqtt_publish: id=5678 opcode=0 len=0[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.235,961] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 5[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.577,087] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_PUBACK: id=5678 result=0[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.586,547] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 5[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.858,551] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_PUBLISH: id=1 len=1748 [1B][0m
    [00:00:14.875,244] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_dc_endpoint_set: nct_dc_endpoint_set[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.883,453] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_dc_endpoint_get: nct_dc_endpoint_get[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.891,723] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_dc_endpoint_get: nct_dc_endpoint_get[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.901,062] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_cc_send: mqtt_publish: id=7890 opcode=1 len=329[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.911,193] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 7[1B][0m
    [00:00:14.918,762] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.event_handler: NRF_CLOUD_EVT_USER_ASSOCIATED[1B][0m
    [00:00:15.533,081] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_PUBACK: id=7890 result=0[1B][0m
    [00:00:15.542,541] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_dc_connect: nct_dc_connect[1B][0m
    [00:00:15.551,116] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 13[1B][0m
    [00:00:15.825,134] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_SUBACK: id=8765 result=0[1B][0m
    [00:00:15.834,716] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.nfsm_set_current_state_and_notify: state: 14[1B][0m
    [00:00:15.842,376] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud.event_handler: NRF_CLOUD_EVT_READY[1B][0m
    Setting trigger
    GPS initialized
    [00:00:15.872,436] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_cc_send: mqtt_publish: id=1 opcode=1 len=496[1B][0m
    [00:00:16.173,126] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf_cloud_transport.nct_mqtt_evt_handler: MQTT_EVT_PUBACK: id=1 result=0[1B][0m
    Starting GPS
    Enabling PSM
    PSM enabled
    [00:00:34.860,168] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf9160_gps.enable_gps: GPS mode is enabled[1B][0m
    [00:00:34.867,279] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf9160_gps.enable_gps: Functional mode: 1[1B][0m
    [00:00:34.874,145] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf9160_gps.start: GPS socket created[1B][0m
    [00:00:34.884,368] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf9160_gps.start: GPS operational[1B][0m
    GPS started successfully.
    Searching for satellites to get position fix. This may take several minutes.
    The device will attempt to get a fix for 360 seconds, before the GPS is stopped.
    GPS operation started
    [00:06:34.914,093] [1B][0m<dbg> nrf9160_gps.stop: Stopping GPS[1B][0m
    GPS operation was stopped
    The device will try to get fix again in 30 seconds
    Socket error: POLLHUP
    ***** Booting Zephyr OS build v1.14.99-ncs2-495-ga8933a2ead01 *****
    [00:00:00.005,615] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Starting bootloader[1B][0m
    [00:00:00.011,901] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Primary image: magic=unset, copy_done=0x3, image_ok=0x3[1B][0m
    [00:00:00.020,416] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Scratch: magic=unset, copy_done=0x50, image_ok=0x3[1B][0m
    [00:00:00.028,503] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Boot source: primary slot[1B][0m
    [00:00:00.036,926] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Swap type: none[1B][0m
    [00:00:00.390,411] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Bootloader chainload address offset: 0xc000[1B][0m
    [00:00:00.397,888] [1B][0m<inf> mcuboot: Jumping to the first image slot[1B][0m
    ***** Booting Zephyr OS build v1.14.99-ncs2-495-ga8933a2ead01 *****
    Flash region		Domain		Permissions
    00 0x00000 0x08000 	Secure		rwxl
    01 0x08000 0x10000 	Secure		rwxl
    02 0x10000 0x18000 	Secure		rwxl
    03 0x18000 0x20000 	Non-Secure	rwxl
    04 0x20000 0x28000 	Non-Secure	rwxl
    05 0x28000 0x30000 	Non-Secure	rwxl
    06 0x30000 0x38000 	Non-Secure	rwxl
    07 0x38000 0x40000 	Non-Secure	rwxl

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