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MDK uVision SDK 16.0 keil Family Pack Installation


we are in process migrating to SDK 16.0 and service pack 8.27 or higher. While performing an upgrade we encourage few problems and would like you expert advise.

We have upgrade Keil MDK uVision to V5.29 version,

We also installed all the latest service packs such as V8.27.1 V8.28 V8.29.

Once we try to open any of the example projects we are getting follow message:

Once we click "Yes" Leil pack installer starting .

In Keil pack Installer we already have all the latest service packs:

Now , when Keil pack installer is starting up we getting follow error message

Obviously pack installer is looking for "NordicSimiconductornRF_DeviceFamilyPack_NordicLicense"

"Nordic License " is bit confusing and we are not sure how to address  this. While searching over the devzone we find two similar 



We tried recommendations from both topics but it didnt help.

Could you please advise what would be appropriate way to address this problem.

Thank you,


  • Hi,


    Workaround for updating MDK in Keil 5 project based on nRF5 SDK 16.0.0 and earlier

    After updating to the new version of MDK (Device Familty Pack) a project fails to compile. The reason for that is that project contains include paths to MDK within current SDK and path to MDK include files in Keil Pack folder. Because SDK path has higher priority, project fails to compile if new MDK source files are incompatible with MDK header files in version delivered with SDK. Include path to MDK within the SDK is redundant and should be removed to allow MDK (Device Family Pack) upgrades.

    Perform following steps to update MDK (Device Family Pack):

    • use "Pack installer" to install new Device Family Pack
    • open "Select Software Packs" and select new version of nRF_DeviceFamilyPack and close the window
    • right click on "Device" component in the project explorer and open "Options for Component Class 'Device'"
    • select new version of the component from the drop down list and close the window

    Perform following steps to remove redundant include path:

    • open "Options for target"
    • go to "C/C++" pane
    • open "Include Paths" dialog box (press "..." button located on the right hand sight of include paths entry)
    • find relative path which contains "modules\nrfx\mdk" entry (e.g. ..\..\..\..\..\..\modules\nrfx\mdk) and remove it
    • recompile the project

    6404.Some screenshot to help on the description here.pdf

    Best regards,

  • Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for your replay all good


  • I understand that back when this question was originally posed, the solution recommended below would have been a good one.

    But I am running into this situation now and find this workaround to be quite frustrating to have to deploy across a development team.
    We use SDK 15.3.0 with the PCA10040 (a custom variant) and nRF52832 and as of early 2021, the KEIL pack is at version 8.35.0

    I mean, how important is it for our team to worry about nrf_erratas.h when all we are interested in building is the DFU example?
    Wouldn't it be simpler to just add a blank "nrf_erratas.h" file somewhere in the include path(s) and be done with it?

    Alternatively, could we not download this file from Nordic website and save it in one of the folders in the include path and be done with it?