Build error


I'm getting an error when building the example program blinky that says: ".text is larger than specified size" and ".rodata is larger than specified size".

I'm using version 17.1.0 of the nRF5 SDK, and version 6.32 of SES for ARM (64 bit).

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  • Hi,

    I'm sorry, I never try SES 6.30 before. And I'm a new user for Segger and Nordic also.

    I just would like to share what I understan.

    if you look at the release notes from Segger:

    From SES 6.30 to SES 6.32 they have some update about the Build. But I don't know what they did but it make some affect.

    For what I understand, if you are using SDK_17.1.0, it should not work with SES 6.30 also because

    "flash_placement.xml" is using for linking the project.

    The 2 ProgramSections that I was mention:

    <ProgramSection alignment="4" load="Yes" name=".text" sizeof="0x4"/>
    <ProgramSection alignment="4" load="Yes" name=".rodata" sizeof="0x4" />
    if you look at the project opton
    .text is the code section and .rodata is constan section.
    both of them should not limit the size.
    If you compare the flash_placement.xml between SDK_17.1.0 with all the older version SDK.
    You will see no one limit the size for both of them. that why if you are using the older SDK, It will work.

    I hope this is asnwer your question.