PSM active time not Correct

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I have enabled power saving on my nrf9160dk and am using NBIOT.  In doing so I found that there was a 60 sec offset to what I selected and what I wanted the active time to be.  IN doing some research I came across this question : 

The device is probably stuck in RRC idle for 60s before entering power saving mode.  This answer was never really solved and wanted to know if anybody found a way around this or if I will have to contact my provider?  If so, what would i need them to changed?

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  • > I tested a 0s active time and the %XMONITOR command shows a 0s active time.  

    Then it's not that "active time" ;-)

    > The offset happens consistently. 

    In my experience, then it's not the HPPLMN search, especially, if your device is not "roaming".

    All in all, the information is not matching. Do you know, how to enable the "trace"? if so, I guess such a trace would help to see, if the device spends the extra time in RRC connected or RRC idle. Alternatively, you may log the LTE_LC_EVT_RRC_UPDATE event to see, if the 60s are spend in RRC Connected or Idle.

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