How to create customized software to program boards via bluetooth on nRF Connect

Hi, I'd like to add that "BLE capabilities for nRF Connect" to my customized software in the dongle, is there an example code or template which I can add to my customized code such that it can do that? Because when I tried using the dfu sample codes that come with the SDK 17.1.0, I was stilled asked to program the device to something else.

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  • Hi Einarh,

    Our DK board has finally arrived and I can confirm that at very least, I could follow the instruction and download the provided bin file to the board, and that it can actually connect to the computer afterwards. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the generated zephyr.bin file, I could not actually download the generated bin file the error came back as "Unspecified error -1". And the two bin files are not identical. It is very important that the generated file operate the same way as the provided bin file. Otherwise, we can't proof that the source code works.