Unable to connect j-link on nRF9160 custom board

Does anyone have some troubleshooting tips for how to test a custom board with nRF9160.

It is a new design, the schematic is based on the DK, including the j-link/swd connector.

We have a 3V3 supply.

I have been wondering about the inversion of the SWD RESET signal on the DK board so we implemented the schematic with both inversion and direct connection just to be sure. I assume connection of SWD nRESET signal to pin 32 throuth a 1k resistor with a capacitor is how it should be. 

Is the a guide on checking the CPU bootup etc...?

I have tested by J-Link on the DK by powering it through the external power connector and using the P18 connector. On the DK my J-Link interface connects.

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  • I have taken a new board as the reset curcuit shown above could have given trouble. Before applying power to the board the whole reset (3 transistors and resistors) were removed.

    I am measureing 3V3 on the VCC_GPIO but no voltage on VDD1, VDD2 or the nRESET pin.

    Soldering looks very good so I do not expect anything like that to be a problem.

    Any suggestion to what I should try?