Bluetooth Mesh - Send customize data/command to node

Is nRF Mesh app support feature that send customize data/command to node? The goal is to transmit data from phone to node, where it will be processed and used to trigger actions. Besides that, how to check what’s the roles of node currently running? Those fields are shown unknown in nRF Mesh app features section (Refer to attachment). Is it check from prj.conf file?

SDK version: v2.6.1
nRF Mesh app (IOS): 4.2.0
Hardware: nRF5340-DK

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  • Hi Andreas,

    This discussion talks about how you can send customized vendor messages to a node:  How to Send messages from nrf mesh app to nrf52840? 

    I have gone through the post you shared. May I know how to use the access_model_publish() function and where can I find the API documentation for this? Besides, Edvin mentioned that there should be a field that says "Controls", where you can enter an Opcode and parameters. I flashed my board with Chat sample and configured the Control field in the nRF Mesh app. Nothing is shown in the terminal after I clicked send. Can you provide me some guidance on how to use this feature. My configuration of control field is as image below:

    As far as I know you will have to configure this through the prj.conf as suggested here: Do you see the node features in the app if you enable the node roles?

    Yes I have configured Bluetooth Mesh configuration through proj.conf but the node features still unable to show in app. My configuration is as below:

    # Bluetooth Mesh configuration