Bluetooth Mesh - Send customize data/command to node

Is nRF Mesh app support feature that send customize data/command to node? The goal is to transmit data from phone to node, where it will be processed and used to trigger actions. Besides that, how to check what’s the roles of node currently running? Those fields are shown unknown in nRF Mesh app features section (Refer to attachment). Is it check from prj.conf file?

SDK version: v2.6.1
nRF Mesh app (IOS): 4.2.0
Hardware: nRF5340-DK

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  • Hi,

    I had a chat with the developers regarding the Features field you highlighted in the nRF Mesh app:

    To see what features a node supports you will need to go to Element 1 / Config Server model and then Pull to refresh to read the states of each of the features for that nodes. For Android it looks to be automatically fetched after provisioning, while for iOS you need to read them manually. The app only reads Default TTL and the Composition Data when it enters that screen for the first time (or when they were not read before).

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